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Price Paper Beveling and ReadyPress

The hubs and I started PPB, a small business specializing in couture post-production finishing treatments for our clients such as bevel or straight-edging, bordering, color matching (I absolutely kill at color matching, for reals) envelope lining, wedding program assembly, ribbon backers, photo mounting--you name it, I've done it--while also starting our own line of paper that meets the high-end luxury criteria. We've since added PPB's bespoke line of finished stationery called ReadyPress. Our clients include One Book at a Time, Emily Clarke Events, Performance Specialty, 5 x 7 Designs, The Mathes Collection and Printing with Pizzaz, all in the Dallas, Texas area. We're not artists, or designers, or event planners. We are just passionate perfectionist paper and finishing experts, and suckers for beautiful letterpress and engraved designs in the rarefied field of antique printing.

More About Us but Totally Unnecessary Personal Info.

We recently moved to the "Texas Hill Country"--northwest of San Antonio and southwest of Austin. Pretty sweet. Our backyard leads to the Guadalupe River where our dogs, Widget and Baxter, enjoy taking dips and chasing deer. Kayaking rivers abound and we take advantage of that when we can. Oh, and we like hitting up the many vineyards in neighboring Fredericksburg. Yeah. It's pretty sweet, I'd say.