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Honour vs honor, half past vs half after, and other formal and traditional wedding invitation bugaboos

Posted by Lisa on 7/31/2018

The British spelling here of “honour" (with theu” added) should be strictly reserved for weddings in a house of worship. Use the “pleasure of your company” at other venues by omitting honour or honor. 

 Spell out the year omitting the “and”, for example, “Saturday, the twenty-second of September, two thousand eighteen.

 half after” instead of “half past” or “six-thirty”.

EmilyPost.com includes all things mannerly including protocol and procedures for all weddings: formal, traditional, and otherwise. It’s worth a gander. Great tips on other “must-do” lists, such as acceptable thank-you notes in this digital era. Hand-written notes are still the preferred method to extend your sincere thanks.