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How I print on PPB's ReadyPress paper using a Chandler & Price press - by Panthera Press

Posted by on 2/7/2019
Below is a tip and guide how Panthera Press prints on our ReadyPress paper using her Chandler & Price platen press. Thanks to Danielle for this wonderful and helpful tip.

"I printed it exactly like I would print any of my other jobs - with a set of three compressible pins, two on bottom and one on left. I tried to take some video but had camera issues. If I ever sort out the memory card I'll post it. The only differences for me were:


1. I used a bit less packing as the stock is very thick.


2. The next time I intended to print it, I would try and find just slightly thicker foam tape to make my compressible gauge pins.- I could also just double up the single thickness. The thickest stock was a bit more challenging to slip into the pins, so a bit more room would have helped me feed a bit faster. 


3. When printing multiple colors that overlap (as they did in my design), I had a bit of trouble getting the subsequent colors progressively deeper and as a result there were a few areas where color didn't lay down exactly as I wanted to because the previous impression was too deep for the second color to lay down into it. This is a thing that sometimes happens with dense stocks because they are so firm there is only so deep you can push the plate before you damage the press (or get impressions from the plate backing). If I were to print the job again it would be an easy fix - just do the first color with a  lighter impression than I normally would, and build impression for the subsequent colors by adding a bit of packing each time. The reason I had issues this time is I went too deep on the first color, and thus there was nowhere to go. The impression was as deep as it was going to get and adding packing didn't make it deeper - it just stressed the press. My plates also had a lot of surface area which limits the depth of impression you can achieve. Now that I know how the stock behaves I doubt I'd have this problem again. 


Other than that, it printed just as easily as any other stock. The edges seemed to hold up pretty well to feeding, though I would still be delicate with them. The didn't exhibit any curling or bowing, and they took the ink and color well. "

Hope that helps!